About Us

Our Mission


Auto Report Card is dedicated to making the used car purchase experience as transparent and fair as possible for both buyers and sellers. Our mission is to provide a fair, detailed, independent assessment of a used car to help reduce risk to the buyer and to help the seller sell the car. Ultimately, we want to provide Peace of Mind.

Our History


From our own personal history we know that it is a scary experience to either buy or sell used cars.  As a buyer you don’t know exactly what you are buying and mistakes are costly.  As an honest seller, you want to prove your car is in good shape and distinguish it from the junk that is out there. With this in mind, we created AutoReportCard to help lower the risks of buying and selling used cars.  We went out and found the best local garages with highest reputations.  We worked to develop a systematic inspection procedure that leverages state of the art technology. We created a company that only inspects cars for people like you. Our customers are honest private to private buyer and sellers of cars and honest independent car dealers.