Get an edge in sales with our 3rd party inspections.
Link our online graphical report in your ad to help market your cars.


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Enhance Your Ads

Pull In More Customers By Linking Our Report

Just like CarFax, linking an AutoReportCard will give customers vital information about the car.  Customers who have seen the condition of the car ahead of time will be one step closer to buying before they arrive.

Quality & Efficient Service

Inspections done by top local garages near you, using top of the line proprietary technology.

We provide high quality inspections that you can trust by partnering with the best garages near your dealership.  Close proximity reduces “off lot” time, and a dependable relationship with the garage.

Marketable Inspection Results

The inspection report helps you sell in person and online.

We provide an easy to read, full-color graphical report that you can attach to online ads or show to on-lot customers.  An independent assessment of your car will add credibility and enhance the appeal of your vehicles.

Better than a History Report

Customers already ask for vehicle history reports. Impress them with our easy to understand report.

Would you hire someone solely based on a resume? Then why buy a car with just a history report?  Customers want a report on the actual current condition of the car, an “interview” to go with the resume. Provide this in advance.

Stand out from other Dealers

Show customers that you have confidence in your cars.

Less transparent dealers might try to hide problems with their cars. You know what you have, and you don’t have anything to hide. With AutoReportCard inspections, your customers will know too. Sell your cars with confidence.

Enhance Your Safety Checks

Not just a selling tool, our inspection is a comprehensive safety check.

For little more than the cost of a legally required minimum safety check, you also receive a full inspection, a marketable report and the credibility of an independent, 3rd party inspection.

Volume Discounts Available

We want to build relationships that last.

Contact us for volume discounts and pricing. We are interested to hear from you.