We love our cars.  We love our dogs.  We hate the two of them together.


Dogs get an amazing amount of pleasure riding in our cars, often in the classic “head out the window” pose. And we love taking them to the beach, local park or hiking trail.  But we hate what they do to our beloved cars.  They drag in dirt and mud, shed enough fur make Cruella a new coat, and sometimes even vomit or worse in the car.  So what is a car lover and pet lover to do?


Here are some easy ways to protect the car and avoid, to some degree, having to constantly clean the interior.


1. Crate the Dog – it’s not as much fun for the dog but it’s actually safer than the front seat and the mess is contained.


2. Seat Covers – of course not all cars are big enough to hold a crate so instead you can use seat covers.  Some cover the seats down to the floor but the hammock style covers are more useful.  These hang between the headrests of the front and back seats.  They have the added benefit of blocking access to the front.


3. Blankets – if you use blankets to cover the seats, use cheap felt blankets that attract and hold the fur.  This prevents the fur from getting stuck to the harder to clean fabric portions of the interior.  Blankets are useful because you can just brush off the fur and occasionally throw it into the washer.


4. Avoid cloth seats – if your are in the market for a car and know you will be driving your dog around, avoid fabric seats.  Fabric anywhere will attract and hold dog fur.


5. Protect the fabric – if you have fabric seats, use fabric protector like 303 High Tech, to coat the seats.  This will provide some protection against the wear and tear caused by your best friend.


6. Floor Mats – plastic or rubber floor mats will collect the fur and protect the car from liquids like vomit.  They are easier to clean than fabric mats.


7. Window Guard – if your dog likes to lick the windows, use a spray glass coating protector.  This should make it easier to wipe the window clean.  Some people will use plastic window guards that they peel off when they get too dirty , but I don’t like how it looks and it’s a bit costlier.


8. Clean up Kit – have some towels, water and lint rollers available for emergencies.


These are just a few tips to help protect your car from your dog but in the end you will simply have to work a bit harder to keep the car clean.


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