You want to keep your car clean but how to do it in the middle of the worst drought in centuries?


Your local car wash keeps raising their prices.  Your nosy neighbors give you the evil eye whenever you turn on the hose.  Yet you have some pride and a lot of love for your car, so you just can’t stand leaving it dirty.  What to do?


What works for a lot of people is to wash AND wax the car only about once every quarter, i.e. every 3 months.  Over time the wax will build up, creating a nice protective layer.  In the meanwhile, keep a professional spray bottle (not the cheap ones), filled with water (just water), and lots of soft rags in the trunk.


Whenever you feel the car needs a wash, use the spray bottle to spray the car and wipe it down with the soft towel.  It works remarkably well and it’s pretty quick.  If you do this frequently, you also won’t need much elbow grease because nothing will be caked and baked onto the car.


Of course, if you go off-roading and come back with a ton of mud on the car, you’re better off taking it to the car wash.

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