How It Works

Congratulations, you’ve made a good decision to get an inspection. This will probably save you a lot of headache and maybe some cash down the road. OK, so what do you do next?  Here is a step by step process to get peace of mind.

Step 1: Choose A Garage

We’ve selected the highest rated independent garages with impeccable reputations to inspect your car. Located throughout the peninsula, choose the most convenient one to your home or office. You can call and check their availability before you purchase. Usually our garages can find time for an inspection the same day.

Find A Garage

Step 2: Purchase An Inspection

Purchase an inspection, selecting the most conveniently located garage for your needs. If things change after you make your purchase and you need to go to a different garage, don’t worry. The invoice is valid at any garage (but you will still need to make an appointment ahead of time for your inspection). After you complete the purchase process, you will receive an invoice by email. Please print the invoice and take it with you when you go to the inspection, since the garage will need to scan the barcode on it to start your inspection.

Purchase An Inspection

Step 3: Make An Appointment

If you haven’t done so already, give the garage a call and make an appointment for an AutoReportCard inspection. The phone number and address of the garage are on the invoice. The inspection itself should take 1-1.5 hours depending on the age and type of car.

Garage Phone Numbers

Step 4: Get The Inspection

Bring your car and the invoice to the garage at your appointment time. After the inspection, the mechanic will go over the issues with you and show you a copy of the report which is available the moment the inspection is complete. If repairs are needed, don’t hesitate to ask for estimates.

Step 5: Use The Report

As soon as the inspection is complete, you can look up the report on our website using the VIN number. Just click “search” in the upper right on any page on our website, and enter the VIN number. If you choose to create an account when you make your purchase, the “order history” page in your account will give you easy access to reports from inspections you’ve purchased.

Whether you are buying or selling the car, you can link to the online report directly with the report’s URL or attach a PDF copy of the report to an email and distribute it as you wish.

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That’s it! Relax and enjoy.




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