Inspection Details

What We Inspect

We perform a thorough mechanical inspection of your vehicle. Using our proprietary software on a handheld device, the professional mechanics at our partner garages inspect over 150 items. They don’t just glance under the hood and kick the tires, they put the car on a lift to check the underside for any of the problems that can remain invisible while the car is on the ground.


AutoReportCard’s standardized inspection procedure delivers consistent results from garage to garage, making it easy to directly compare inspection results from different vehicles.


visible belts, cooling system, oil system (leaks), intake system (leaks), battery/alternator, idle quality/smooth running


Vital fluid levels and fluid quality:

engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid (where applicable)



breaking function, thickness and condition of brake pads & rotors, parking brake



tread depth of all four tires, also any unusual wear such as cupping, inner edge wear, etc. (may indicate alignment problems), confirm the presence of the spare tire, jack and lug wrench



cracks, heavy rust or other visible problems with muffler, exhaust pipes and catalytic converter



signs of accident or other damage to frame and subframe(s)



shocks/struts, springs, axles, steering components including ball joints and tie rods, wheel bearings, suspension arms and bushings


Test Drive:

general ride and handling check including braking and steering, abnormal transmission shifting


Exterior Body:

exterior body panels and paint, windshield and windows, exterior lights, convertible top if applicable



seat condition and functions, seatbelts working properly, switches and climate control system, sunroof/moonroof function if applicable