One of the problems with the old BMW 3 series (E46) is their electronics. For example, I now have a problem with an electronic component of the air conditioner. My problem is that the air conditioner does not slow down when the car is cooled to the set temperature. The symptoms are obvious – the air conditioner keeps blowing cool air at maximum fan speed.

After some trouble shooting, I figured out that the problem was related to the “blower motor resister.” It is a common problem among earlier E46 due to a “design defect” of the component. I ordered the replacement part.

Thole whole replacement process is not very complicated, but very tedious. You need to reach under the glove box, behind the center console …. you probably have to bend your back and in an awkward position to do the job. Anyway, it took me “only” 3 hours or so. Just plan ahead and be prepared with a safe working space when doing it yourself.

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