You’ve seen the cars, the ones with bird poop caked and baked on the hood.  While most car owners wouldn’t care a wink about such a mess, you are not one of them.  No, you love your car. You take care of it, on the outside, in the cabin, under the hood.  Your car is your baby and the last thing you would tolerate is animal feces cooking on top of it.  Most importantly, you know that bird poop can damage your car paint.


So what to do.  There are many (and I apologize for stating the obvious) ways to prevent bird poop from damaging the car.


First, prevent it from getting hit in the first place.


1) Park it in the garage

2) Don’t park it under power-lines and trees.

3) Use a car cover.

4) Shoot the birds.

5) Just kidding.



Second, if you can’t avoid them, limit the damage.


1) Regularly wax your car.  The wax creates a buffer between your car paint and the acidic bird poop.

2) Carry a water sprayer or a detailing spray and a soft towel in the trunk.  Whenever you see poop, immediately spray and wipe it off.



Finally, if necessary repair the damage.


1) In many cases a new waxing will repair and cover up the damage.

2) In worse cases you’ll need to polish the paint. Use a car polisher to gently level out and blend the paint in the area.  Be very careful not to overdue this because you are basically spreading out and therefore thinning out the paint.

3) In the worst case, you might have to finely sand the area before polishing and finishing but this last part I usually leave to the professionals.



Good luck and avoid the poop!

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