There is a recent proliferation of mobile companies that come to your home or office and do everything from simple car washes to full details.  Some are just one person units while others are part of a larger company or network.  In any case they can save you a lot of time without costing you that much more money.


I experimented recently with a local one person outfit and was really impressed with his passion and knowledge.   I called him up and made an appointment for a wash and wax.  He showed up at my house on time with a large pick-up truck loaded with equipment.  Amazingly, they brought their own water and electricity, no need to plug into the house. They were fully mobile and self-contained.


He also asked what I wanted out of the wax, e.g. did I want a super shine or was I more interested in protection.  I went with protection since this is just my daily driver.  He said he does a lot of show cars and exotic cars and those owners naturally want that super shine.


In about an hour the job was done.  The entire time I was in the house getting some work done, so I saved time driving to and waiting at the local car wash.  He did an amazing job both inside and outside.  Now understand that this was just a wash and wax and not a detailing but it was good enough for me.  My personal car schedule is to get a wash/wax on a quarterly basis with one mini-detail once a year if I can afford it.  In-between, because we are in a drought here, I wipe down the car with a soft towel and water from a spray bottle.


The cost was just a bit more than the local brushless car wash plus wax or about double just the wash, but I think the convenience and the attention to detail is worth the extra cost.  In my experience, at least at my local brushless car wash, they just aren’t very careful with the cars.  I’ve had the back windshield wiper broken once and on another occasion the molding around the front window shield was blown off.  Off course, I didn’t realize this until much later.

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