Recently, our Honda Pilot reached over 105,000 miles.  In the old Pilot, the maintenance schedule had the timing belt replaced at 105,000 miles or earlier if you drive it under certain stressful conditions.  So I was expecting the Honda Maintenance Minder (MM) to trigger some sort of maintenance code.  Yet, after another 2,000 miles, no code!!   I was worried that the MM was not working or was incorrectly reset during an oil change.  Whatever the reason I started to worry that the timing belt would break while driving.  Of course, given Honda’s reputation I probably had plenty of time before anything catastrophic happened but I like to worry.


Instead of waiting any longer I took the car into an independent garage.  The cost can range from $700-$1000 depending on where you live.  The parts don’t cost that much but the labor is intensive, thus the high cost.  Anyhoo, within one day, I got the timing belt changed, water pump replaced, and it’s unrelated but also had the brake fluid and power steering flushed.


I looked online for a while, but I never found a satisfactory answer to when the timing belt should be replace on a Honda with Maintenance Minder except to just wait for the code to appear.  Because the code never appeared, I never reset the MM.   I’ll let you know if the code is ever triggered and at what mileage.



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