Sample Auto Report Card

An AutoReportCard inspection provides you with an easy to understand visual representation of your car’s condition.   Behind this car inspection report sample is a complicated algorithm which uses over 150 data inspection points to calculate an impartial grade for your car.

Easy to Understand and Easy To Compare

An overall score on a scale of 1-100 gives you an easy way to understand the condition of the car and an easy way to compare this particular car with other cars graded by AutoReportCard.

11 Categories Cover Every Aspect of the Car

11 individually graded and distinct categories allows you to quickly identify any problem areas.

Sub-Categories Provide Furter details

It only takes a quick glance to find specific issues.

We provide detailed photos of problem areas

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to body damage.  Our high resolution photos give you the best view of any problems.

Interactive online report gives you flexibility

The online version of the report also allows you to drill down into the assessment score detail. Click on the photo and the online version with expand the photo so you can see even more details.

sample report v1 630x780 px



What Our Customers are Saying

“It's such a great, simple idea. [AutoReportCard] shifts the odds in my favor, and stops me [from] being ripped off ... ”
Jonathan E.
Los Angeles, CA
“The report includes pictures, they put the car on a rack to inspect it ... ”
Jason B.
Palo Alto, CA
“I am grateful for a really good inspection of [a car I was going to buy.] The car leaked oil, it was in an accident, the tires were bald & it needed a rot ... ”
Latrece B.
San Mateo, CA
“I was considering purchasing a rental used car. I brought it in for an AutoReportCard and in less than an hour I had a ... ”
Bodan F.
La Grange, IL
“I'm quite happy about the report and services. Recommend highly!It's such a great, simple idea. [Aut ... ”
Thomas Y.
Stanford, CA
“The mechanic thoroughly inspected the car… It was really awesome to see each compon ... ”
Dave N.
Roseville, CA