Why AutoReportCard

A pre-purchase inspection is vital

An inspection, especially one in a garage with the proper tools, can tell you if you are buying a great used car or another person’s headaches.  A vehicle history report will tell you about a car’s history but not the car’s current condition.  We like to say that buying a used car is like hiring an employee; the vehicle history report is the resume, we are the interview.  Both are important.


What the Experts Say

Has your car been graded?

We provide independent third party used car inspections to both buyers and sellers of used cars to ensure peace of mind to both sides. We want to make the experience of buying and selling used cars easier for everyone.


We want the process to be faster, more convenient and frankly, more trustworthy by providing accurate information on the current condition of the car. Our inspection is comprehensive and detailed using the latest analysis technology, including electronic diagnostics of the car’s computer.

AutoReportCard vs. Vehicle Inspection Reports

Vehicle history reports provide information on the car’s history, like the number of owners and whether an insurance company has ever written it off as salvage. AutoReportCard provides information on the current actual mechanical/electronic condition of the car. When purchasing a used car, we think both are important.

Standardized Inspection Procedure

Our inspection is comprehensive. Unlike other inspectors we place particular emphasis on mechanical details like the engine and engine computer, not just the body. The skill and tools necessary to thoroughly inspect a car can best be found in a repair garage. Amazingly, some inspections don’t even put the car up on a lift to look underneath and see if it might be dripping oil or transmission fluid. The best way to get a proper inspection is in a garage.

Our Garages - Mechanical Diamonds in the Rough

We only use local, highly rated, independent auto-shops that pass our standards to inspect the car. Not only do we vet the garages ourselves but we also make sure the public agrees with us. If you know of a good garage, we’d like to hear about them.

Easy to understand Report Card

The inspection results are summarized in a report that explains the car’s condition at a glance. There is an overall grade for the car, and individual grades for each important category like brakes, engine, exterior body, etc. For those who are mechanically inclined, the report also includes details that satisfy the most particular “car person.”

Love Your Car?

Get a Medical Health Check up for your car. Have your car regularly inspected to keep it in good shape, raise the resale or trade-in value and to keep clean records. No need to keep all those papers in the glove compartment.


What Our Customers are Saying

“It's such a great, simple idea. [AutoReportCard] shifts the odds in my favor, and stops me [from] being ripped off ... ”
Jonathan E.
Los Angeles, CA
“The report includes pictures, they put the car on a rack to inspect it ... ”
Jason B.
Palo Alto, CA
“I am grateful for a really good inspection of [a car I was going to buy.] The car leaked oil, it was in an accident, the tires were bald & it needed a rot ... ”
Latrece B.
San Mateo, CA
“I was considering purchasing a rental used car. I brought it in for an AutoReportCard and in less than an hour I had a ... ”
Bodan F.
La Grange, IL
“I'm quite happy about the report and services. Recommend highly!It's such a great, simple idea. [Aut ... ”
Thomas Y.
Stanford, CA
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Dave N.
Roseville, CA